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Practice Overview

Hanlon, Estadt, McCormick & Schramm Co., LPA represents clients in a broad-range of legal matters. The firm has special proficiency in civil litigation, including: employment law, workers’ compensation and black lung defense, and personal injury; estate planning and probate law, including: Wills, Trusts, Guardianships, Tax and Medicaid Planning, and probate litigation, including estate and guardianship disputes; business law, including: Limited Liability Companies, Corporations, Partnerships, Start-Up Businesses, Physician and Professional Practices, and Succession Planning; real estate law, including: Coal, Oil and Gas Titles and Leases, title examinations; railroad right-of-way abandonment, and Deeds; and collections, including: Mechanic’s Liens, and other legal actions.

Hanlon, Estadt, McCormick & Schramm Co., LPA handles a broad-base of legal matters.  The experienced attorneys represent and advise clients, including individuals and corporations of all sizes. The attorneys are experienced in all levels of the litigation process and have successfully practiced before administrative agencies and State and Federal Courts in both Ohio and West Virginia.

Hanlon, Estadt, McCormick & Schramm Co., LPA was formed in October of 1984 by Lodge L. Hanlon, Gerald P. Duff, John G. Paleudis and John R. Estadt.  Lodge L. Hanlon, Gerald P. Duff, John G. Paleudis and John R. Estadt were former attorneys and partners at the prestigious law firm Kinder, Kinder and Hanlon in St. Clairsville, Ohio and Martins Ferry, Ohio for many years.  The current firm has provided continuous legal services and traces its origins to the 19th Century.  Michael P. McCormick joined the firm in 1989, followed by Erik A. Schramm in 1998.  The current shareholders are John R. Estadt, Michael P. McCormick and Erik A. Schramm.

Hanlon, Estadt, McCormick & Schramm Co., LPA has gained the reputation of providing high-quality services.  The firm aggressively advocates for its clients, while being mindful of the expenses associated with legal services.  The firm prides itself on exploring and finding creative methods to resolve a dispute short of litigation. In other practice areas, the firm uses the best legal information to ensure favorable outcomes for its clients.